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Francesco Yates Visits the Ocean 98.5 Amphitheatre

Posted on by Mel Z


We love company here at the Ocean 98.5 Studios. We’re spoiled, because when guests come, they often bring us treats…cupcakes, donuts, live acoustic music and amazing stories to share.

So naturally, we were thrilled to welcome Francesco Yates to the Ocean 98.5 Amphitheatre where we could get to know him better and listen to him sing and play guitar. He did not bring any food, and we’ll let it go — just this once. Because he was such a cool guy and sang us song songs:

See Francesco Yates Play the Ocean Amphitheatre

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Would You Try it??

Posted on by Rob Michaels


I present to you the KFC Double Down Dog. That’s a hot dog wrapped with fried chicken instead of a bun and cheese sauce. (Yes, cheese sauce! Oh you thought it was mustard? Nope!) But before you get too excited, or grossed out, right now you can only get the KFC Double Down Dog in one country…

Find Out Which Country

We had a very fun and busy weekend with the Community Cruiser. Check out what we got up to!

Posted on by Curtis Machek

Photo 9

We had a busy weekend and stopped by the Moss Street Winter Market, the Walk for Memories, and the Victoria Symphony’s “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Check out all our photos!

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Want To See What A House Looks Like with 15 Cats?

Posted on by Mel Z

cats house

So what does a house look like with rescue 15 cats living in it? Hang on I’ll get them…Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. 

Furballs and kibble everywhere?

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Sam Smith Pays Tom Petty

Posted on by Forbes & Marshall

Stay With Me by Sam Smith has so far sold $ 4 million copies making him a superstar. With a song that popular it becomes ripe for comparsions and some thought that the chorus sounded like a slowed down verison of Tom Petty’s 1989 hit “Won’t Back Down”. We thought it sounded vaguely familair but not worth the 12.5% of royalites he paid Tom to settle out of court….until we heard this.

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We’re out and about the city – join the Community Cruiser for a fun-filled weekend!

Posted on by Curtis Machek


What do the Moss Street Market, the Victoria Health Show, the Walk for Memories, and Victoria Symphony’s “Jack and the Beanstalk” Concert for Kids have in common?


Answer: we’ll be hanging out at all of these great events!

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Canada’s Secret Wild Side

Posted on by Mel Z

You know what they think of us right?

  • Canadians are so nice.
  • Canada is the polite nation.
  • Canadians are peaceful (why, thank you!)
  • Sure Canadians like beer, but they wear Bay Blankets around…how could they be that wild?

And just look at our boring old (new) passports…


That’s OK, they can think that….But it looks like our Canadian passports have a hidden wild side, just like Canadians.

See what kind of party your Canadian Passport has going on

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Brand New Music Survey

Posted on by Rob Michaels


We just launched a BRAND NEW MUSIC SURVEY — earn 2,000 bonus points for VIP Club AND be automatically entered to win a pair of tickets to see Def Leppard at Save on Foods Memorial Centre on April 17th.



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Crazy Plastic Ball Surprise

Posted on by Rob Michaels


A YouTuber named Roman Atwood got his hands on thousands of plastic balls and filled his house with them… but he didn’t tell his wife. Watch to see what happens when she comes home.

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What Does Macchiato Mean Anyway?

Posted on by Forbes & Marshall


Went to Starbucks this morning against my will. It’s not like I don’t like Starbucks it’s just that I prefer Tim Horton’s cause their coffee just tastes better. Now if you are into mixed syrupy drinks like Lisa is, than Five Bucks is your place. By the way, she always gets me to order her a Chai Latte with soy, extra hot, no water and no foam.

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East of Avenue – Paper Planes #NewMusic

Posted on by Mel Z

east of ave

Hanging Out in Kensington Market ~ Photo from East of Avenue Facebook

Each week, Rob Michaels and I get to sit down and listen to new music from great new Canadian artists and artists from around the world. I know — It’s a pretty great perk of the job. We both loved this song the first time we heard it. Some songs are like that, it’s just an “old soul”, haha.

Check out this new song from a Canadian band called East of Avenue.

Check out this new song from East of Avenue

Betty White’s Birthday Surprise

Posted on by Rob Michaels


The team from Hot in Cleveland organized a pretty cool birthday surprise for Betty White’s 93rd birthday

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Bruno Mars Sings with Ellen Star Kai

Posted on by Rob Michaels


There was a very special moment backstage when Bruno Mars got to sing with his young fan, and Ellen’s cameras caught it all.

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We had an interesting night at the UVIC VIKES Men’s & Women’s Basketball Games! Check out what happened!

Posted on by Dez

B7mY1NICYAA5pNiIt was a fun night at the Mckinnon Gym with the UVIC VIKES until we lost power! We still had a blast though and we brought our legendary prize tornado! Check out our photos! :)

Read More

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