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Do you fall within the Canadian average when it comes to Halloween?

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It seems year after year Halloween keeps getting more & more expensive.

As much as we may say every year; ‘this costume will get worn again’, ‘the decorations will get re-used’ or ‘it’s cheaper or less candy next year’. Do we ever end up doing those things?  A recent survey suggests that each year the average Canadian household with children spends about $75.00 on Halloween related items.  On average how much do you spend on Halloween?

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  1. Dianne Klohn

    October 17, 2012
    9:14 pm

    Halloween is the best, I p miss turning my home into a Haunted house for my daughter (and every room) and her girlie friends, was so exciting, so much freeking fun….the goblins, the cobwebs, the witches, carved pumpkins which we would start on Oct 1st, so, they were, shrivled, scarie, disgusting, by Oct 31st…. so, much fun & laughter, I started this tradition when she was abouts 8 years old and up to 13…of, course, I dressed up, howled with the little girls, . miss the haunted music we would out ragiously play for one month, hours from after school to 800 pm… this is called “Fun”, don’t escape, if you tried, you missed out on the best day of the year, the whole month of crazieiness for Halloween is worth it….
    I’m older know, I stay in my room….BUT….my hubbie & neighbor…tape off our yard, direct all traffic to next door…..a wood burning stove is hauled out, a few things scarie hung in the tree, we have a screamin Halloween box, full of chocolate bars, and goodies, that say, haven’t I seen you here before, etc….fresh hot dog buns & beef weiners charcoal burnt on BBQ … that wood burning stove, relish, mustard, ketchup provided, polish sausage is cut up and BBQ for the more seasoned “trick or treater”….
    we get about 150 trick or treaters, best time is from 530pm to 830pm, many repeats on our street, including the scarie ones who moved away but remember the fun & excitement on our street, you don’t think about the money, your heart & soul simply holds fun memories not only to yourself but your community, the teenie ones & even the parents who kick in, get dressed up, and share one evening of absolute fun with their kids, thats a Halloween signature we pass on to our children….how much does this cost….energy & fun & excitement….LOL….candy alone is over 100 bucks….my only disappointment is fireworks were banned from BC, we had fireworks for the entire evening up to 2004 or 2005….would like our new government to change that law, simply for Halloween and New Year’s Eve, always had fireworks for New Year’s Eve, Midnight…


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