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Beauty forecast:

It’s another mixed bag for Victoria again today. Expect some sun and cloud with the chance of a shower today. Highs of 10 on the way.


What to pack:

Everything you own. Your umbrella, cute rain boots, but also sweet half boots for work. Maybe a sweater…lip gloss, hairspray, waterproof mascara, lunch.



HOLY CRAP…it’s your BIRTHDAY???!!!!! Good.

Aquarius: Tuesday Feb 6th, 2018 – There can be no turning back!! You have chosen to follow a certain path through life and now you must go ALL THE WAY!! (WOAH! Don’t forget to use protection). Take action until you reach your goals.


Scoop of the Day:

We’re number 1! We’re number 1! Only a week to go until Valentine’s Day and Victoria is the most romantic city in Canada for the 6th year in a row!! 8 cities in BC made the list this year making us the most romantic province too. This SCOOP just got SEXY! (You’re WELCOME!)

Did you hear about the Girl Scout who sold more than 300 boxes of cookies in six hours when she set up shop outside of a marijuana dispensary in San Diego? The Girl Scouts of San Diego say she’s not breaking any rules by doing it. THIS GIRL IS A GENIUS!!! Someone get her a BADGE!!!!

Have you heard about the new ‘Lady Doritos?’ Apparently Doritos thinks we women need a snack that’s less messy and loud than regular Doritos. Twitter has blown up with responses, especially in light of the #metoo movement. Things to consider:

“Will Lady Doritos cost 23% less than regular Doritos?”

“The only good thing about the new quiet “Lady Doritos” is now they can’t hear us coming!”



BEAT THE BOX OFFICE TICKETS to see Justin Timberlake Thursday November 8th at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. 3 pairs up for grabs tomorrow (Wednesday) and another pair on Friday on the Robin & AJ show! Tickets go on sale Monday Feb 12th. Buy your tickets here.



Stuff that’s happening NOW: ROLL UP THE RIM is back WEDNESDAY FEB 7th and the Robin & AJ show will be collecting food and drink stubs until the end of the play period. Tim Hortons SHELBOURNE will MATCH all of the items collected by the Ocean 98.5 family and Robin & AJ will deliver them to homeless shelters here in Victoria. Can you help us? If so, drop your tabs off to 817 Fort St. If we win something BIG (a TV or car) we’ll give it away on air that morning!


Viral Video of the Day:

Watch this or DIE. (Obviously).



Are you a teacher? Do you KNOW a teacher? Are these secrets TRUE??!!! (GREAT QUESTION!)




Victoria has just been voted THE MOST ROMANTIC CITY for the 6th year in a row! Do you AGREE or DISAGREE and what’s the best thing to do in Victoria for Valentine’s Day? What have you got planned? TELL US….so we can all come with you.

Victoria named most romantic city by Amazon Canada




What happened the FIRST TIME you left your kids at home? How did THEY react? How did YOU react? Kelly Clarkson was PANICKING when she and her husband spent the night away from home after the Superbowl….her kids…not so much. HA! Check out the full story and share yours on our Ocean 98.5 Facebook page.


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