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Hosts & Shows


Forbes & Marshall In The Morning

Weekdays 5:30am to 10am and Saturday 6:00am to 10:00am

We have had the privilege of hosting the morning show at Ocean 98.5 since the station was born and we still get the same two questions when we meet people in person. What time do you get up in the morning and how can you be married and work together? We always answer 3am and ” it would be more difficult if it wasn’t for the restraining order…” Truth be told, hosting a morning radio show is all we’ve ever wanted to do and being together makes it that more special. Our mission in life is to continue to weave ourselves into the fabric of our amazing community, offer you info and ideas that are important to you and to ‘play’ every day to try and put a smile on your face.


By the way, if we weren’t on a first name basis before…it’s MICHAEL Forbes and LISA Marshall. Come visit us weekday mornings 5:30am-10am

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Mel Z

Weekdays: 10am to 2pm & Sundays: 6am - 10a

Hi, I’m Mel Z…or Melanie when I’m in trouble. So please call me Mel…unless I’m in trouble (not again, I hope). You can also call me: Lady on the Radio, Gig Hoarder, Coffee Aficionado, Mom who likes the Rock & Roll…

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Rob Michaels

Weekdays 2pm to 7pm

I guess I could be described as an aggressively unfancy comic book nerd who is also a music & movie ninja. Love my wife Kitty, my dog Levi and listening to music on vinyl. Thanks for ending your workday with me!

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Marc Belke

Weekends 10am to 7pm

It’s like Yin & Yang. You’re working for the weekend and I’m working on the weekend. This is good because I’m happy to be here for you, providing a soundtrack for whatever it is that you’re doing. When I’m not here for you I’m baby proofing my home, cooking food, playing my guitar at a local community hall baby jam or playing hockey. C’mon, let’s spend the weekend together.

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Used Victoria’s Fact or Fiction

Every Tuesday with Rob Michaels put your detective skills to work in a good ol’ fashioned game of “Fact or Fiction”. Can you spot the fake Used Victoria ad?

Used Victoria


No Repeat Workdays!

Weekdays 9:00am - 5:00pm

Ocean 98.5 is the home of No Repeat Workdays. From 9:00am to 5:00pm every weekday you’ll never hear a song twice!   The No Repeat Workday is brought to you by Cloth Castle, your one stop sewing and quilt shop

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