This has been a big week for Jillian McCue. The 11 year old Gordon Head Middle School grade sixer has been lobbying Saanich council for two years to allow miniature goats in her back yard and finally got her day in the sun. Monday night she stood up before council armed with a 132 name petition, a Give Me Goats T-Shirt and the support of the Mayor himself and gave an amazingly confident and compelling speech for her potential new “kids”. Right now Saanich does allow two goats but you must live on over an acre. She wants them on land about 20 thousand sq ft just like Seattle does. Council voted against the motion but told her to report to three different committees and based on that they would make a decision sometime next month.

Now council understandably has to be concerned with all of it’s citizens and there are some opposed to farmyard critters on smaller lots due to smell and noise issues. Their solution is to tell goat and chicken lovers to move to a bigger property.

They may not be charmed by her maturity and passion for her cause but we were. We talked to Jillian today about her love of goats and her now infamous “poo” test ~ Michael & Lisa