Adele Pepsi Live Rogers Arena
Adele Pepsi Live Rogers Arena

Tickets to the Adele concert in Vancouver are on sale Thursday, December 17th at 10:00am. I know, you know…someone who wants tickets. So listen closely here, I’m going to share with you my secret to the universe…the concert universe…Zen and Art of Getting Concert Tickets. Sure I occasionally get freebees working in the radio biz, but I also get my own tickets for many shows.

If you want to be in the crowd of 20,000 singing along with Adele this summer:

1. Set an alarm, you can’t be late for this.

Set your Adele Alarm
Set your Adele Alarm


2. Get the Apps. Ticketmaster and LiveNation. Sign up so your info is already in there to purchase tickets. There are time limits if you get seats before it times out and you lose the seats. Time is of the essence. I usually get tickets through the apps before they come through on the desktop computer browser.

3. Check out the seating map before the tickets are on sale. Know what seats you can live with — or afford. And be ready to nab them…or let them go if they’re behind the stage and you’ll just be sad sitting there after spending hundreds of dollars.

4. Set up your browser on your computer first, be ready with your computer AND your app on your phone or iPad. You will want to increase your chances of being offered seats (or the right seats).

5. Make sure you set aside some time to click and click again…sometimes during the first few minutes tickets are on sale, it’s the most sluggish. Hang in there, until it tells you there are only single seats left. If that happens, make the call if you want to see an artist THAT much and go solo.

6. Enjoy your concert and post no more than 5 blurry “Yay, I’m at Adele” concert photos while at the show….so you can really enjoy the “Collective Joy” of connecting with that artist, those people and the music at your concert.

concert image mel z
Collective Joy at Aerosmith – Save-On Foods Memorial Centre 2015 ~Photo Mel Z / Ocean 98.5

Note: Please don’t do all this and re-sell tickets for higher prices. It just drives up prices and you’ll curse it one day when you really want to see a show. If you can avoid paying scalpers and re-sellers please do.

Mel Z – Midday Show and Concert Ticket Ninja — Ocean 98.5