Paul Freaking McCartney. That’s what my friends kept saying at the concert on Tuesday night. That’s him! Doesn’t really matter If you’ve seen Paul McCartney in concert before or not, it’s still the same thrill to have the legend in the room with you.

The One on One Tour brought 21 truckloads of staging, light show, pyrotechnics, monster screens and tech to Rogers Arena for two shows. The 74 year old Beatle exuded endless charm and played that guitar like it was an extra limb. You were quickly reminded that this guy is one of the handful of artists that begat everything that is rock and roll and pop music today. It was an awe-inspiring feeling. He played 39 songs over nearly 3 hours with Beatles, Wings, solo material and collaborations. Including a number with Vancouver Island’s own Diana Krall on Tuesday…and Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s show.

If you thought…ah well he is getting up there…it’ll be a pretty chill show…I’m here to say nope. Not in the least. The guitars were crisp and crunchy and woke up music that had been imprinted in your soul for decades. The inspiration that came from the stage reached each concert-goer in their own personal way. It was like a musical time machine had arrived to take you on an adventure.

You’ll have to excuse me and my buddy Jason from singing on these videos..but it’s a sing-a-along haha. Unforgettable experience. My life just got a little shinier.

Oh, and if you want to take it all home…McCartney announced this week that there will be a 67 song compilation of greatest hits released in June along with some good old fashioned vinyl.

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