Gord Downie
Gord Downie performing in 2015 in Victoria with the Fully Completely Anniversary Tour, before his diagnosis of brain cancer (Mel Z )

Here is the interview we’ve been waiting for. Gord Downie sat down with long-time friend, Peter Mansbridge and chatted for a full half-hour.

This is the full interview with Gord discussing his cancer, the incredible cross-country tour that we attended as a rite of Canadian passage this summer. Gord also gives us insight into what inspired him to devote his creative energy to focus on First Nations issues in his latest project Secret Path.

I would personally like to thank this man for inspiring our nation to unite. I believe his positivity will make a mountain of difference to bridge First Nations with the rest of Canadians. Thanks Gord.

The Secret Path will be released on October 22nd.

The Downie Wenjack Fund was announced this week:

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