Earthquake Risk Tool
Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction – Earthquake Mapping Tool

If you’ve ever wondered just what are you supposed to do in the event of an earthquake — the instructions are simple: DROP! COVER! HOLD ON!

  • DROP to the floor (before the earthquake drops you)
  • Take COVER under a desk or sturdy piece of furniture and protect your head and torso, and
  • HOLD ON to the piece of furniture until the shaking stops

Check the links below for further earthquake and tsunami information and if you haven’t made it a priority, this might help you consider earthquake preparedness more in depth. Click on the map, it will take you to an interactive tool.

Earthquake Postal code

Click HERE to enter your postal code into the interactive map and see the earthquake risk for your area.

This chart details your postal code and rates your neighborhood or work for earthquake hazard zone. More details from the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction with a map detailing ratings for seismic risk for damage across the country by postal code. There are thirteen postal codes in southwestern BC that fell into their “extreme” rating.

Earthquake zones
Earthquake Hazard Zones – BC

How does your postal code fare? A great reminder to keep working on those emergency preparedness supplies and earthquake drills with your family at home — and at work. You can find out info on free local workshops here too!

If you haven’t seen this production that was made by Shakeout BC — it illustrates the effects of a magnitude 9 earthquake off the BC coast.


Build an Emergency Kit

The Great British Columbia Shakeout

Your Emergency Preparedness Guide

Earthquake Actions for Driving

Earthquake Actions for Stores and Retailers

Earthquake Actions for Businesses and Offices

British Columbia Gov’t Tsunamis Information

CRD Tsunami Education

Mel Z – Middays on Ocean 98.5

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