Snow Kayaking
Snow kayaking in Victoria (Brad Armstrong / Facebook)

There are many ways to take on the snow…

You can try to tame it with a shovel, a snow-blower, salt, a Zamboni…uh maybe not that one…

Or you can just go have fun in it.

Many of us westcoasters have embraced this unusual blast of fluffy white stuff. Every hill in the neighbourhood or park is game if you’ve got a sled or crazy carpet to play in the snow. And then there’s this guy.

Brad Armstrong not only is an avid kayaker, but he’s also shown to be a “snow kayaker” this past week.

Check out his videos “Snow kayaking” in Mt. Doug Park

Brad has shared these videos of his westcoast version of playing in the snow on his Facebook page this week and has been getting loads of views online from curious onlookers.

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