Get Slimed

The Ghostbusters were none too thrilled with getting slimed.

Like the Ghostbusters, parents are generally not all that thrilled too have “slime” around the house, but we’ve made our choices, this is our life. For the past few months, I’ve heard a whole lot about “slime” from my middle-school kid.

We’ve made some “slime” like stuff in preschool, but this year it’s become quite the craze in schools, with kids making this stuff at home and even selling (hahaha, yes I said selling) slime at school.

The basic ingredients contribute to it’s popularity since it’s easy to make: Glue, food colouring, and borax…

Except that borax has some health concerns we’d rather not have to worry about — so we’ve dug up some recipes without it.

Here’s a simple recipe without glue, borax or shaving cream

There’s Fluffy Slime

And for the WOW factor:  Heat Activated Color changing Slime

This one needs a special ingredient — Thermochromic powder (safety info), so you’ll have to dig this up (Amazon etc)

More recipes

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