Ocean 98.5 Control room - Mel Z
Ocean 98.5 Control room – Mel Z

Well, friends — it’s time to shake up the playlist. After choosing to spend most of my teenage and adult life in on-air studios sharing the most ridiculous things about my world with the most wonderful listeners and soothing myself with loud music, I have decided to semi-retire the microphone.

I will be moving into the Promotions Director role at Ocean and KiSS officially on May 16. Yep, I am the person that actually likes meetings. I am stoked to work in a more strategic role, connect with the community in new ways and to continue working with my enthusiastic and talented coworkers. I will still liaise with music reps and attend music meetings, fill in on shows, interview artists and shoot concerts — But I will now subject the promotions crew to listen to whatever I decide to crank up my office.

I’m going to take this fork in the road now, because sometimes you have to shake up the playlist.

Mel Z and Jade on Take Your Kid to Work Day

Mel Z and Jade on Take Your Kid to Work Day

I had to discuss the new career path with my kids first, however much they don’t like me sneakily recording them and putting their (adorable) voices on the air — they have grown up for the most part having their Mom on the air. My son and his friends only refer to me as “Mel Z” and my daughter loves coming into the studio. They will still come out to events with me, naturally.

So while I’m down the hall in my spacious new office, who will take over the Ocean 98.5 Midday Show? Oh, you’re going to love her…It’s Erin Davis! She’s a warm, caring and award-winning broadcaster that has dominated the airwaves in Toronto for something like 28 years. Naturally when Erin wanted to (semi) retire, she came to beautiful Victoria and is a freshly imported to Vancouver Island. I know you’ll show her around and give her a warm welcome.

Thank you! Thank you so much for listening to my show. Thank you for playing reindeer games. Thank you for reading my blogs and looking through slideshow after slideshow of photos from my weekend or a concert. Thank you for listening to those stories about me falling on my face, trying to keep up with work and be a “superish mom”, tales about The Todd and my kids Tai & Jade. Oh and when I went on and on about my girl and I meeting Taylor Swift.

You’re a great friend, I look forward to sharing new stories and experiences with you. Now look away, turn up the radio…I might be crying a little.

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Mel Z Announces Her New Promotion

Originally Aired: May 4, 2017

Mel Z  – Middays uh — Promotions Director, Ocean 98.5 (and KiSS 103.1)

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