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Scoop of the Day:
CHEAP SUITE IN JAMES BAY: There’s a hilarious post up on Used Vic right now for a $750 Bachelor Suite in James Bay. It popped up after someone left their old mattress and couch at a bus stop in James Bay. ‘RyMo’ posted a photo of the assortment of furniture and put up a post entitled ‘$750 Open-air Bachelor’. Who doesn’t want a fully furnished bachelor suite for less than $1,000 that’s within walking distance of “Thrifty Foods, and all James Bay’s charming coffee shops and liquor stores”? “Organic washroom located in suite with seasonal foliage for the times you run out of toilet paper.” “Natural bathing off beautiful Holland point is a mere two blocks away.”  “Best suited for working professionals as sound will carry.” Pets will be considered. Amazing.

CHEAP BRADY BUNCH HOUSE FOR SALE: Guess who’se house is up for sale? The Brady Bunch house is up for grabs. It’s priced at $1.8 million in the Los Angeles area. The listing realtor says that while the home has had interior updates, it retains almost the exact exterior from the show in the 70’s. The current owners say they’ll give special consideration to anyone who plans to leave the home intact.

He’s giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his album Divide in the trailer for his new documentary Songwriter. It was filmed over a decade by Sheeran’s cousin Murray Cummings and debuted this year at the Berlin Film Festival. Watch for it in select theatres later in August….we’ll let you know if it’s coming to Victoria.

FREE FRIES! There’s a APP for that! Download the McDonalds app and you’ll get free fries every Friday for the rest of 2018….as long as you buy at least $1 worth of other items. Badadbababa…of course there’s a catch.

SPORTS: We have a WINNER of the Harbourcats Funeral Package! 39 year old Travis Hesketh ran onto the field at Royal Athletic Park last night to claim his funeral package complete with a cremation package, legal fees – the whole “GRAVEDIGGER” package for $3500. Travis is in a dangerous line of work – he’s a driller and a blaster in the construction industry, and now has one less thing to worry about.

The 2.1 km Across the Lake swim just happened in Kelowna. I couldn’t tell you who came in first…the real story is who came in LAST this year! Meet 70-year-old Linda Sharp, who just competed in the race across Okanagan Lake for the first time in her life in a time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. A lot of people had already gone home but a crowd of about 100 stayed…she says “When I saw everybody cheering I thought ‘OK, it can’t be for me, it’s gotta be for somebody else.’ But then I started realizing, as I got closer, they were cheering for me. It was beautiful.”  WAY TO GO LINDA!!


Viral Video of the Day:

Watch this or DIE. (Obviously).



Are you a teacher? Do you KNOW a teacher? Are these secrets TRUE??!!! (GREAT QUESTION!)




Victoria has just been voted THE MOST ROMANTIC CITY for the 6th year in a row! Do you AGREE or DISAGREE and what’s the best thing to do in Victoria for Valentine’s Day? What have you got planned? TELL US….so we can all come with you.

Victoria named most romantic city by Amazon Canada




What happened the FIRST TIME you left your kids at home? How did THEY react? How did YOU react? Kelly Clarkson was PANICKING when she and her husband spent the night away from home after the Superbowl….her kids…not so much. HA! Check out the full story and share yours on our Ocean 98.5 Facebook page.


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