What’s wet, wild and has an appreciation for the classics?

If you answered either Fun Finder Corey or Victoria’s 29th Annual Symphony Splash, you are absolutely correct! (Although some of you really need to do some introspection about that answer).


There were a lot of amazing Victoria venues hosting awesome events all weekend; Dancing in the Square is a lot of fun every Monday, but ballroom dancing was especially classy. ViVa Victoria was an incredible celebration of Latin American countries (with amazing latin FOOD, goodness gracious) and the Free-B Film Fest is still rocking with great outdoor movies every weekend!

That said, I’d be lying if I said any of these events compared to the scintillating-ly superb Symphony Splash! It was a Sunday of epic proportions.

Allow me to set the scene: Symphony Splash is one of Victoria’s biggest events, shutting down all of Government Street in a celebration of classical music and community spirit. The Ocean 98.5 tent was directly in front of The Empress (Because we’re RADIO ROYALTY), and I think we were probably the busiest booth on the entire causeway. The line-ups wrapped around the tent as we gave out bag-after-bag of amazing swag, hosted amazing contests and started Victoria’s first AAA Sumo Wrestling League. Okay, not really, but we did get some giant wearable beach-balls so that kids could run at each other full tilt and try to knock each other down. Yes, really. Good thing it’s actually really difficult to get injured when you’re trapped in a giant bubble (Believe me, I know).

Despite relying on a horde of angry children to organize themselves into a rational and coherent line, things went off without a hitch! Robin and Aj did an amazing job emceeing the whole shebang, even though we left them in the car with the windows up for the first hour (whoops). The weather was unreal, the people were fantastic, and we gave out enough reusable shopping bags to bag Andre the Giant’s groceries TWICE.

It was incredible and I can’t recommend it enough for next year. Check out the photos below!

As always, an enormous #OceanFamily thanks to Westshore Town CentreBeacon Hill Children’s FarmBarb’s Fish & ChipsPeninsula Co-op and Campus Nissan.

~Fun Finder Corey

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