Brothers and Sisters, the Eve of Hallows is nearly upon us; soon the ancient ones will arise to lay waste to this plane of existence with their fell armies. Azathoth will open one of its hundreds of mouths and sing the song that ends the world-

Whoop. Wrong blog, let me start over.


Happy Halloween, ghouls and goblins! With just two more sleeps until everyone’s favourite pagan holiday, I thought I’d celebrate early and make this my annual witch-whacking, pumpkin-picking, candy-crushing, costume-cavorting, spider-slapping, ghost-grilling HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR BLOG!

But Corey, you may be asking, how is this different from any of our other blogs? Fair question, reader! The answer should be obvious though, I’m stuffing candy in my mouth the whole time I’m writing this blog. Let’s try to wrap this up before the inevitable sugar crash!

Last weekend was filled to the bubbling, boiling, cauldron-brim with fun! Wicked was the highlight of the weekend, being Victoria’s most fabulously frightening street festival, but I also managed to spook up some fun at Fear on the Pier, Pumpkin Art and Cupcakes at Uptown. We were swimming in sweets with all the cupcakes giveaways AND Halloween candy, but luckily, as a wise radio announcer once told me, calories in October simply don’t count.

So, have the most hair-raising Halloween that’s ever been had and keep an eye out for masked madmen armed with kitchen utensils (especially YOU, Jamie Lee Curtis), but first, check out the gruesome gallery before to see all the awesome Ocean Halloween fun!

As always, an enormous #OceanFamily thanks to Cupcakes at UptownMoxie’s, Monk OfficeWestshore Town Centre and Campus Nissan!

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