Welcome back!

It’s that time of year again. Regretfully, I must return to my home planet to recharge for the Yuletide season. It’s actually possible to overload a Fun Finder with too much Christmas spirit and cheer, in which case we tend to spontaneously combust in a cloud of fire and happiness. It’s actually very pretty; people often mistake it for a firework display that didn’t quite make it off the ground.

Still, enough about the cruel and ironic life-cycle of Fun Finders, lets talk about all the awesome Christmas events I attended this weekend!

The Gingerbread Showcase is up at Parkside Hotel & Spa until January 6th. There are some incredible entries, but it’s worth a stop for the gingerbread legislature building alone. Caroling at Government House gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, it’s quite a thing to be shoulder-to-shoulder with that many people belting out classics from your childhood. I absolutely recommend you attend next year. I helped out with a Toy Drive for the Stan Hagen Centre for Families (Such fun! Organized by local high school students!), I stopped by the Christmas Tree Village at the Esquimalt Rec Centre AND the Festival of Trees, and I explored Victoria looking for the most Christmas-y scenes I could find.

Finally, I ended up at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria for another fantastic Family Fun Day. Artist Fareen Haq and CBC’s Khalil Akhtar put together an amazing exhibition; “Home for the Holidays” explored the concept of home through art, family, performance and delicious Pakistani snacks. They finished up by creating a temporary art piece (that children were invited to contribute to) in front of an attentive audience. It was an excellent end to an excellent weekend, and I can’t wait to get back to Fun Finding after Christmas!

Check out the pictures after the jump!

Thanks for reading, and, as always, an enormous #OceanFamily thanks to Cupcakes at UptownMoxie’s Grill and Bar, Monk OfficeWestshore Town Centre and Campus Nissan!

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