Hey! Welcome back!

I feel like January gets a bad rap, y’know? And I know a thing or two about bad rap. Let’s hope the Fun Finder Christmas album NEVER sees shelves, for that exact reason.

January is actually one of my favourite months- and not just because my continued employment is dependent upon maintaining my fanatically cheerful disposition! Sure, it’s quiet. There’s no holidays or family events or crazy Christmas craft shows and sales, but there’s something about January that screams of rebirth, of second chances, or maybe just failed New Year’s resolutions. Hope springs eternal….. it just doesn’t spring to the gym or the produce section with quite the same joviality.

This is a bit of a weird blog. It was written in the indescribable future of 2019, but all my pictures are actually from the far-flung distant past- the last weekend of 2018 to be exact. I know, I can barely remember what happened that year! There was an Olympics, they made a Marvel movie about a California Raisin, and a prince got married (no evil witches were invited). The final weekend wasn’t nearly as exciting as all that, but I did have a lovely time visiting some of my favourite Fun Finder sponsors and Victoria hot spots.

I swang (swung? swinged?) by Westshore Town Centre to hand out some Moxie’s gift certificates, took a couple beauty shots in the Campus Nissan parking lot, stopped by Interactivity Board Game Cafe to soak up the rainy day vibes, and ventured out to the Breakwater Lighthouse in the howling wind and rain in an attempt to give away some Monk Office gift certificates. Talk about dedication! You can check the pics of all this goofiness below, should be a lot of fun!

Thanks for reading, and, as always, an enormous #OceanFamily thanks to Cupcakes at UptownMoxie’s Grill and Bar, Monk OfficeWestshore Town Centre and Campus Nissan!

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