Hey there Ocean Fans!

Allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Sam and I’m the brand new Ocean Fun Finder! I’m the one with the curly hair and the beard. If you’re out and about in the community and you see the Ocean 98.5 tent or table, come on by and say hi! Who knows, maybe I’ll have a fun prize or two ready to give away…

The weather this weekend was cloudy and gloomy, but that didn’t stop our team from getting out and having a whole lot of fun!

Our first stop was at Victoria Hyundai, where announcer extraordinaire Kate rocked our on-location broadcast. They’re in the middle of their Spring cleaning blowout and – I have to tell you – there were so many crazy deals on new and used cars that I even thought about driving home with one! The people at Victoria Hyundai deserve a big shout out too. Not only did they love jamming out to Ocean 98.5 on their sales floor, they fired up the grill and provided everyone who stopped by with delicious barbecued eats by donation! All of the proceeds went to Our Place Society.

After hanging out at Victoria Hyundai for a while, we made our way up to Westshore Town Centre. We heard rumors that the Easter Bunny would be making an appearance, and you know we couldn’t pass up that opportunity! We set up a colouring table, because, who doesn’t love colouring right? You’re never too old to play around with pencil crayons. We saw so many budding young artists! It’s clear that some of our younger participants had been influenced by avant-garde abstract expressionism – colouring within the lines was definitely optional!

On Sunday afternoon, Kate and I went up to beautiful Sidney for the Bazan Bay 5k! The blustery day didn’t seem to phase the 637 (!) runners, who all eagerly tackled the fast, flat, and furious seaside course. The oldest participant was 92 years old! I really hope to be that active when I’m 92.

I’m still getting used to this whole “fun finding” thing, but with all of the incredible things that happen in this town, I’m sure fun won’t be hard to find.

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