Hey Ocean fans!

This weekend was certainly an eventful one from a fun finder’s perspective. It truly had a bit of everything! Sun, sports, grilled meat, hailstones, & lots and lots of cheering!

Saturday afternoon, Kate and I set out on a beautiful, warm, sunny, Saturday morning…or so we thought. We set up our Ocean 98.5 tent and a table on the grass at Willows beach optimistic and excited about the incredible weather. In tow, we were carrying with us a whole bag full of excellent prizes for anyone who stopped by to hang out with us. A few tossed Frisbees and passed volleyballs later, the sky darkened, and things decided to take a turn for the weird. Our beautiful, sunny, spring day clouded over and gave way to hail! We were, thankfully, shielded from the dime-sized ice pellets due to our sturdy Ocean 98.5 promo tent, but it’s pretty darn tough to give out prizes in weather like that! Thankfully the skies turned once again, and we were able to reward our loyal listeners and followers with many fun prizes.

This Sunday, one of Victoria’s largest running events took place through the downtown core – the TC 10k. It’s always so much fun to camp out on the race route and cheer on the participants as they come barrelling by. This year, Ocean 98.5 was set up in a prime spot next to Fisherman’s wharf, and we had a special treat up our sleeves for every participant who stopped by to say hi….


I know what you’re thinking. Bacon during a 10k run? Weird flex, but okay. But this wasn’t just any bacon. No, this was Red Barn Bacon aka the greatest bacon known to humankind. We cooked up this fresh and delicious bacon on a portable grill while the participants were running by, and one by one, people stopped by our display to grab a fresh, sizzling piece.

From there it was out to Belmont Secondary School to support a bottle drive for Dillan, a grade 11 student at Belmont who has recently been diagnosed with cancer, and is awaiting treatment at BC Children’s hospital. Dillan’s friends, family, and coaches all pitched in to sort through the hundreds upon hundreds of bottles and cans. It was truly inspiring to see, and I’m incredibly happy that we could be a part of the event.

Here’s to hoping that the next few weekends don’t have any surprise hailstones! You never know in this city though, things can change at the drop of a hat.

All the best, Ocean fans!

– Fun Finder Sam

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