Happy Monday Ocean fans! Fun Finder Sam here.

The weather was beautiful this weekend, and we had a whole lot of fun out and about – in and out of the sun. From Light-Sabers to traditional dances, here’s what we were up to this weekend –

On Saturday evening, we packed up and headed over to the Archie Browning Sports Centre for Roller Skate Victoria’s event – May The 4th Be With You: A Star Wars Roller Disco. Yes, you read that correctly, a Star Wars Roller Disco. It was a meeting of the niche worlds of intergalactic espionage and dancing on wheels. It was fantastic. Disco Jedi DJ Miker was spinning the hottest tracks of the 70’s and 80’s, and made the Archie Browning Sports Centre feel as hoppin’ as the Cantina on Mos Eisley! Mike, Mandy and I gave roller skating a try and….let’s just say we should stick to our radio jobs. Roller skating is hard! It gave me a whole new level of respect for the folks at Roller Skate Victoria, who were dazzling the crowd with choreographed moves on skates all night. The costumes were incredible too! I saw many Princess Leias, a few Darth Vaders, even a wookie or two! Cheers to the good folks at Roller Skate Victoria for putting on such a fun evening!

Sunday morning, Mandy and I started the day at Westshore Town Centre and set up in the sun outside of La Vie En Rose. It was a big morning for me, as it was the first shorts day of the year for me! The first day of this calendar year that I have felt comfortable wearing shorts all day. This is a BIG day in my world, as it’s a signifier that beautiful, warm weather is here to stay! My legs no-longer need to be shackled in the confines of tight leg-prisons and can breathe unrestrained! (at least for a few choice months). It’s a joyous occasion, and I couldn’t have been happier to be giving the lovely shoppers of Westshore Town Centre some fabulous prizes while wearing comfortable weather-appropriate shorts.

Our final destination on Sunday afternoon was the Croatian Catholic Church of St. Leopold Bogdan Mandi? for the first ever Cro-Fest! It was a celebration of Croatian culture, and we took part in all the festivities. Mandy and I arrived just after lunchtime and we sure were hungry, but the delicious ?evap?i?i and kiflici they were serving up certainly scratched the I?. There were all sorts of cultural dance and music performances, and an incredibly informative display on the history and culture of Croatia. The organizers and volunteers were so kind and wonderful, but as they said, “that’s just the Croatian way!”. Ja volim Cro-fest!

This was a really, really fun weekend. I really can’t wait for the summery weather to make way for even more fun events in the coming weeks.


-Fun Finder Sam

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