Hey Ocean Fans!

The sun was out again this weekend, and I couldn’t have been more happy about it! I guess summer has officially hit us on the island! It sure makes going out and spending time in the community a whole lot nicer. My farmer’s tan is already out in full force, and I know it’ll probably reach new heights this summer as I keep spending time in the sun!

This weekend marked one of Victoria’s most celebrated annual events. The Oak Bay Tea Party! Growing up, my elementary school was right in the heart of Oak Bay, so the Tea Party was always the biggest of deals. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to head up and hang out on the lawns at Willows Beach while the festivities were underway. The Oak Bay Tea Party has all kinds of traditional fair fare, including games, rides, carnival eats, and live music. Here’s the thing though – I hate rides. Hate ’em. I get why people like them, but personally, I don’t find the thrill in sitting in a rickety metal basket and being thrown the air for several nauseating minutes while you contemplate what would happen to your body if the rickety metal basket were to fail. No thanks. I’d rather sip a comically large lemonade on solid ground. The games though, are something I’ve always been a fan of. I know some of them are ‘rigged’ so that ‘winning’ is improbable, but it’s still fun to try, right? Throwing darts at a board and popping balloons, shooting water guns at a small target, winning small stuffed animals – that’s the thrill of the fair I’m looking for. Luckily, the Oak Bay Tea Party has both, and, as always, it seemed like everyone was having an excellent time.

On Saturday morning, Kate and I set out for Langford for this year’s edition of the Goddess Run. Now, I knew next to nothing about the Goddess Run before we were heading up, but boy am I glad we went. It might be the most fun I’ve had at a run so far this summer! Kate and I had an absolute blast embracing our inner goddesses. Our very own Robin and AJ were the hosts with the most, and made sure everyone there had a smile on their face. As is apparently customary for the Goddess run, everyone dressed in bright pink, so the lineup at the start line was a sight to behold! Some of the costumes I saw were incredible too! Tutus, full body suits, some even had wings! I also couldn’t believe how many people were out for it! There was a line to get to our tent for almost the whole time we were there! That might’ve been because of the amazing prizes in our prize vault, courtesy of Hillside Centre, Moxies Bar & Grill, and Barb’s Fish N Chips. The fact that we were balloting for VIP Meet and Greet tickets to see Corey Hart might’ve had something to do with it as well.

A reminder that for the next few weeks, come and see me anywhere I am for a chance to win VIP Meet and Greet tickets to see Corey Hart live at the Save On Foods Memorial Centre. The only place you can enter that contest is with me, so I hope to see all the Corey Hart fans that I can!


Until next time, friends. Be well!

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