Hey there, Ocean Fans!

We’re right in the thick of Robin & AJ’s Citywide 50/50, and this weekend was HUGE for ticket sales! We sold a lot of tickets, but had a whole lot of fun along the way.

This Saturday, we stopped by Western Speedway to support Gary Smith in his quest for the Strawberry Cup at Western Speedway. Gary is a big supporter of Robin & AJ’s Citywide 50/50. He even emblazoned Robin & AJ’s faces on his racing vehicle!

Now, I’ve never been a big auto racing guy. I don’t know a lot about cars or how the races work. I have to say though, watching the races at Western Speedway is absolutely exhilarating! The vehicles are so loud and powerful that you can feel it in your chest when they come around the track. There’s a helpful play-by-play commentator who provides in-race updates as to who is in first, and each of the subsequent placings, which only adds to the pulse-pounding atmosphere in the stadium. Boy, do those cars go fast too. Sometimes driving down a hill on a highway gives me a bit of anxiety, I cant even imagine whipping around a circular track at that flesh-rippling speed. It must be such a thrill! As a bonus, because this series of races was for the Strawberry Cup, each racing fan who was in attendance received a little cup of farm-fresh strawberries! Who knew auto-racing and strawberries went hand-in-hand?

Our whole Ocean 98.5 team was out all day on Sunday for Carfree YYJ! Douglas street was shut down all across downtown Victoria, so that people could amble about and check out tents set up by vendors from all over! This has been going on for a few years in Victoria now, but funnily enough I’ve never been in town while it was happening, so I’ve never experienced it! What a fun initiative it is though. Encouraging people to walk or take alternative transport to get downtown is an excellent concept, and would, hopefully, set a precedent for the reduction of overall emissions in this city, and reduce our carbon footprint. More than that though, encouraging people to come join what is essentially a big downtown-long street party is just awesome! There were plenty of live performances to entertain the throngs of people, as well as lots of food vendors to keep the people fed. We were right on the corner of Douglas and Broughton, and we had all kinds of stuff going on within our tent. We had lots of sunscreen courtesy of Australian Gold, which was essential for the warm, summer day. We had vouchers for admission to see the Victoria Highlanders, which is always a good time. We had our ballot box with us so fans could enter to win that V.I.P meet & greet with Corey Hart, and we had a whole bunch of 50/50 tickets.

It was so fun to see so many people out and about, enjoying the festivities! It’s really my favourite part of being out in the community so often. Hats off to Carfree YYJ!

Shout out to Hillside Centre, Moxies Bar & Grill, Barb’s Fish & Chips, Cupcakes at Uptown, and Beacon Hill Children’s Farm for helping make the Fun Finder fun all summer long!

Until next week, friends


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