Well. I have fallen behind on my training updates for the Tour de Victoria. Why? Life.

I know you feel me on this. It has been BUSY at Ocean 98.5!! Robin and AJ’s Citywide 50/50 for the Canadian Cancer Society is a beast! We love every minute of it, but it is sure keeping us occupied for the month of June. Plus my poor little dog got snarky with another dog.. and it didn’t end well, good news is , she will be fine.  Life. Right?

So let’s back up to where we left off… which was me at the bottom of a hill.. in tears. What’s that? I didn’t mention the tears?? Silly me. Here’s the deal, physical exercise can bring up all sorts of emotions and on top of that I had just ridden my butt off to get TO THE HILL.. now I had to go up it??

In rides an angel, or at least one of the kindest people I have ever met. Her name is Sarah and she is part of the Trek Training Clinic I am doing. She immediately sensed my distress and as everyone starts to head up the hill, rather than look awkwardly away she looked me dead in the eye and told me I was going to be fine, and that she had once sat at the bottom of this hill feeling the same way.  She spent a few extra minutes making sure I was going to be okay, helped me settle down and then left me to it.

Up I went! This is the part where I should wrap up with the heart warming cheer about how you should always do your best and as long as you try anything can happen. Well, anything did and I was unable to clip in with one foot and I knew if I stopped I would not be starting again… so I rode the first half with one foot on and the other… balanced somewhat on a speed plate (not the easiest of the clip in’s to balance on,) did this cause any issues? Yes, especially for the next couple days when one hamstring refused to release.. but the good news is that I made it to the mid point where everyone was waiting.

At this point, Bill (Trek Pro City) informs us that we have a choice, we can ride back down, or continue to the top. Everyone is excite to continue. I am still trying to determine if my lungs will ever work again.

Off they go! I wave them good bye.. giving myself a pat on the back for making it as far as I did. Very quickly they head around the first bend.. and it gets very quiet. I can hear the birds, the slight breeze, and that little voice in my head saying.. you can do this.. at least try.. no one will know if you end up turning around.. just try.

It took me 3 circles to get BOTH feet clipped in.. BUT I WENT FOR IT!

I peddled.. and peddled and peddle.. around the first bend.. up the first pitch.. heading for the next.

Suddenly the group I ride with was coming down… the best moment of the day was the first face I saw, who’s eyes got big and smile grew wide as she shouted to the rest of the group.. heads up.. Susan is on her way up! Bill circled back around to join me.. and to make sure I didn’t start to go backwards and encouraged me to the top.

I made it.

While I am still not totally sold on riding “as” a group.. I am certainly sold on riding “with” a group.

Processing what just happened!


On the way.. stories about how “Bill is right,” a special package from afar and finding the time over giving up!

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