Happy Monday everybody! I hope you all had a good weekend, I sure did. It was another busy one, but what weekend isn’t busy when your job is to find fun in the greater Victoria community? Lots of fun was found this weekend though, I can assure you.

On Friday night, Mandy and I set up in UVIC’s Centennial Stadium again for the Victoria Highlanders match. The Highlanders were 2nd in the league going into the game, and played against Calgary Foothills FC, who were first in the league. It was a fun game to hang out for though because it was mascot extraordinaire Striker Highlander’s birthday! Now, before I started working for Ocean 98.5, I worked in Victoria sports for a number of years. One of the perks of that is getting to hang out with the mascots of Victoria quite a bit, so it was certainly pretty cool to see a bunch of my mascot homies come through to celebrate Striker’s birthday. Marty the Marmot, Santa Bear, and Stewie the Starfish were on hand to hang out with Striker and have some cake. It would’ve been nice to see Harvey the Harbourcat, but I’m sure he had some other stuff going on. There was cake, there were mascot games, and it was a beautiful evening! The Highlanders lost, unfortunately, but it was still a really fun time.

Saturday Ella and I spent the afternoon out at Glenwood Meats selling tickets for Robin & AJ’s Citywide 50/50 draw. We couldn’t believe the amount of people that showed up to buy tickets! It was just amazing to see. I heard that Glenwood Meats was THE place to get your meat products in the Langford area, and oh boy is that ever true. If you’re a meat eater, it’s like taking a walk through the garden of Eden. I even got to sample a few of the sausages they have on hand and they were just incredible. We were happy to be able to sell so many 50/50 tickets as well. There’s only a week left to sell the rest of our tickets, but if things go as well as they have been, I have no doubt we’ll sell them all!

Sunday saw Kate and I stop by Campus Honda for a car wash to support Charleigh, a local little girl who was recently diagnosed with CLN2 Batten Disease, an extremely rare genetic disorder. Campus Honda was hosting car washes by donation to help raise funds so that Charliegh can get the care she needs to fight her affliction. It was wonderful to see the support that the community was lending to this cause, and I’m very glad that we could stop by for a bit to help out!

We also went to Westhills Stadium to see Victoria’s other professional soccer team, Pacific FC play a match against FC Edmonton. The sun was out, the crowd was electric, and it was a really fun time there as well! If you’ve never been to a game out there at Westhills Stadium, I highly recommend it. There is a wild group of fans called the Lakeside Buoys who march into the stadium with drums, and sing / cheer all game long from the south side of the stadium. It’s really a sight to behold! If you’re not a soccer fan, or are indifferent to the sport entirely, I swear these guys will turn you into a fan. There are a bunch of food trucks with delicious food as well, and a really cool beer garden which is level with the field, so it feels like you’re part of the action! I always like going out there and I hope I get to again soon!

If you haven’t gotten your 50/50 tickets, this is the last week before the big draw, so this is your last chance to do so. Must be 19+ to enter, know your limit play within it.

Also, as always, a big shout out to Hillside Centre, Moxies Bar & Grill, Barb’s Fish & Chips, Cupcakes at Uptown, Beacon Hill Children’s Farm, and Campus Nissan for making the fun finder fun all summer long!

Until next weekend,

Fun Finder Sam.

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