Well that snuck up fast!

Saturday I do my big ride! Look out Tour de Victoria, here I come!

I won’t be hard to miss.. because just about everyone else will be moving faster!!

While I do poke a bit of fun at myself I have to say I am also pretty proud. I got back on a bike again after 10 years, I am 70 pounds heavier than the last time I rode, basically only had 12 weeks of training, and even with a very busy schedual I gave it all I could!

Will I be doing my goal to ride in the Trek 100K?


I will be riding in the 60K!

I am enjoying being back on a bike again so much that I already know next year it will be the 100K!

Here’s the thing, I believe that you earn your right to participate in an event, especially an event with so many people that come out to volunteer to make sure you have the best experience you can.  There is no shame what so ever in deciding to wait till you are better prepared or do what I am doing and change the level you will be participating in so you have the most fun you can and respect the people helping make that happen. It was only a few years ago that I had an experience that will stay with me forever, it haunts me to this day but also taught me a valuable lesson. You can read about it HERE but if you are sensitive to trauma you might want to just pass on by.

Saturday I will ride with new friends cheering me on, I will carry all the messages of support that have been coming to to Ocean 98.5 in my heart, and pride in my soul as I step WAY out of my comfort zone and tackle what has become a new favourite past time.

If you are interested in riding you can sign up for any distance right up till race day, and volunteers are always appreciated find out more on the Tour de Victoria webpage.


BTW: Special shout out to Bill and the team at TREK Procity, you are truly a wonderful supportive group of people and I never would of made it this far without you!