What goes up when the rain comes down?  An umbrella!!!

The weather didn’t stop anyone from having a great time this weekend!

On Saturday, Saanich Fire Department Station #1 celebrated their 100th Anniversary of serving the community and the Fun Finder Team was there to celebrate with them! They hosted an incredible Open House complete with bouncy castles, firetruck tours, earthquake simulators, demonstrations, and awesome prizes.  We even got the chance to meet Sparky who was there handing out hugs and high fives!

Sunday was a busy day – dozens of teams took on the UrbaCity Challenge, tackling challenges all around Victoria. They faced off against the elements, the clock, and each other to test themselves, and shattered the previous fundraising record… Over $76,000 was raised for the Island Prostate Centre!!!  Congratulations to all the competitors you guys did a fantastic job!  And a huge thank you to all the volunteers for their hard work!

Make a Splash was another fantastic event on Sunday.  Hillside Shopping Centre hosted the event in support of World Fisheries Trust and they had so many great booths!! We met a wandering meatloaf – but it’s not what you think.  Grandma’s cooking isn’t wandering loose on the beach somewhere!  The wandering meatloaf is a type of mollusk!  It’s also known as a gumboot chiton and they can weigh up to 2kg!!! We also learned about the role of barnacles from the Royal BC Museum, saw some underwater robots designed and built right here on the island, and most importantly, we learned about how important it is to maintain the health of our oceans.

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