On Thursday the newest member of the Ocean 98.5 team had a birthday, and she swept us along with her as she celebrated in the sweetest way!

Jenna had a special plan for her birthday, she wanted to spend the day doing “Random Acts of Kindness” giving to other on her special day.

Robin Farrell and AJ Cruze caught wind of her plan and helped make it extra special Thursday morning!

As you may of heard Jenna hit the streets early handing out carnations to strangers that included a compliment attached, after that it was off to Tim Horton’s to buy breakfast for people in the drive-thu!

Later that day she was working the front desk at Rogers Victoria and handed out candy and compliments, following that she was spotted taping bus tickets to the bus ticket machines downtown so people can have a free ride!

Jenna – Thank you for being wonderful you and setting such a great example! Happy Birthday!