It’s that weird time of year between Christmas and New Years, no one is sure what day of the week it is, which way is up, and everyone is just a little too full of cheese…

To shake out the cobwebs and prepare to ring in the New Year with clarity, the Fun Finder Team decided to spend the weekend exploring Victoria.

On Saturday, we drove out to the Esquimalt Lagoon to visit the driftwood sculptures and enjoy a bracing walk along the coastline.  The driftwood birds are a sight to see – Richard cozied up to an owl for a great view of the ocean!

From the water, we went up… waayyyy up! To the top of Mount Doug!  What a view!  We could see a lot of green, a glimmer of sunshine, and all the great things that 2020 will have in store for Victoria.

On Sunday, we decided to view Victoria from a different vantage point.  The Fun Finder Team broke out our bikes for a ride around Victoria’s local landmarks!

There was a lot of traffic at Fisherman’s Wharf, both on the docks and in the water.  At the Breakwater Lighthouse, we were able to chat with so many people passing by to enjoy the great weather.

Soon it was off to Ogden Point/Dallas Road for a quick stop before refueling at Moxies on Yates with a late brunch.  Best discovery of the day – Moxies has secure bike lockers!  The lockers are fully enclosed and the staff will assist you in locking up your bike.

The final stop of the day was the landing beside the Johnson Street Bridge. What a fantastic way to tour around our great town!

Next weekend, you can find the Fun Finder Team at Easter Seals Chip in for the Kids at Save on Foods at Fort and Foul Bay on Saturday, and at Broadmead Village on Saturday.  Great way to dispose of your tree and support a great cause all in one!  See you there!

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