The Fun Finder Team went to the dogs on Saturday!  We grabbed two of our furry four-legged friends, Magnum P.I. and Walker Texas Ranger, and headed out for a walking tour of a few dog-friendly spots around town.  To view the interactive map, click here.

Many shops around downtown sport this yellow sign in their windows indicating that they are “dog-friendly.”  It’s always best to keep a few guidelines in mind:  keep your dog leashed, always follow the instructions of shop staff, clean up after your pooch, and be respectful of anyone who may be allergic or fearful of dogs.

Dallas Road and Beacon Hill Park are always a huge hit with the dogs! Both are great spots to go for a nice long stroll, explore new scents, or throw some sticks.

Sunday was a day of celebration in Downtown Victoria!  Locals and tourists alike rang in the Year of the Rat by enjoying the fantastic performances held near the Gates of Harmonious Interest on Fisgard.

Shops hung offerings of lettuce and red envelopes for the Lion Dancers to collect to help welcome in a year of wealth and prosperity.

Lucky revelers collected ‘money’ shared from a high window above one of the shops and enjoyed kung fu performances.

Next weekend you can find the Fun Finder Team keeping a close eye on a groundhog… Will it be sunshine? Or snowshoes??? Find out in next week’s Fun Finder Blog!!!

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