The Fun Finder Team was out in Sidney on Saturday checking in on our friend Pebbles the Octopus at the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea.  Pebbles, a Giant Pacific Octopus, is going to be released sometime soon (though a date has yet to be confirmed) so it’s a great time to swing by for a visit before he’s back out in the wild, hunting for tasty crabs near the shores of Tofino!

Did you know that sea urchins aren’t all bad? While it’s quite painful to touch the tips of their spines, if you gently place your finger between a sea urchin’s spines, they will close around your finger, giving you a “hug”!  What the sea creature is doing is checking to see if you are FOOD!  Once it decides that you’re not up to its foodie standards, it will release you.

After our visit with Pebbles, the Fun Finder Team stopped by the Sidney Museum to visit their LEGO Exhibition.  Centered on a Star Wars theme, the exhibition also has hundreds of well-known LEGO creations including a Formula 1 Ferrari, Batman, Harry Potter, and so much more.

Original LEGO creations such as the construction sets and castles are also set up throughout the museum.

For more information on the LEGO Exhibition, click here.

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