It’s that time of year where we start to see the sun, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and you can finally walk outside without needing a heavy jacket.


That’s right. It’s almost spring.


And with all this great weather right around the corner, the Ocean 98.5 team is excited to be out and about… and I wanted to share some of my favourite spots around Victoria to get outside and get active! 


First up: Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park. There’s a lot to like about this park…right down to its location! It’s only a 15min drive from downtown and accessible by bus with the 70/72. 




There is a  mainly flat gravel path that circles the two lakes for 10 kms. It’s great for a stroll or run. Even in spring the paths are fairly dry and well maintained. There are a few side trails if you want to add some length to your walk and plenty of areas to take a seat and admire the views.


Of course, once it gets warmer the beaches are a great place for a picnic and even a swim. There are a few different beaches and parking lots so you don’t have to worry about it getting too crowded. (Hamsterley Beach and Eagle Beach are the largest)


The park is a great place to get outside and appreciate how gorgeous Victoria is! I know I always enjoy heading out here on a sunny day! It also makes for a great stop on a drive out to Sidney.


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