Stay home.  Stay safe.  Stay connected to OCEAN 98.5 while you work (likely from home these days).


We pride ourselves on being there for the community.  It’s the foundation radio was built on. So, we’ll continue to give you the information you need to help keep your family safe, and we’ll do it in a responsible manner knowing little ears could be listening at any time. Plus, we’ll always play the songs that help lift your spirits. Whenever you need us, just turn your radio to OCEAN 98.5. 

Google Smart Speaker 

It’s okay to be scared.  But it’s also important to know that everything will be okay.  We all just need to listen to the advice of the experts.  Wash your hands, practice safe social-distancing, and we’ll all get through this together. Let us help make life a little easier. Just say to your Google Smart Speaker, “Okay, Google, play OCEAN 98 POINT 5.” 

Amazon Smart Speaker

Self-Isolation can get lonely. Social Distancing can be tough. Especially when you’re a people-person like us. Yes, the world is different right now, but luckily, we can still hang out using your Amazon Smart Speaker. Anytime you’re finding life to be a challenge, let us see if we can help. Just say, “Alexa, play OCEAN 98 POINT 5.”  


When you want more detailed information on what’s happening with COVID-19, you can find it at Or if you just want to escape and listen to music, you can tune in by clicking the “Listen Live” button at 


Your cell-phone is also a radio. And that means we can go with your wherever you go. Maybe that’s not very far during social distancing and self-isolation, but it does help you create your own personal space wherever you can find it. Just download the Radioplayer Canada App and listen to OCEAN 98.5.

Social Media

You can also stay connected and peek inside the studio with us, via social media on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!