The latest episode of Canada’s Got Talent delivered a whirlwind of emotions, surprises, and jaw-dropping talents that left both the audience and judges in awe. From unconventional musical performances to heartwarming stories of perseverance and triumph, here are the key moments from tonight’s show:

Steve Goodtime from Holland Landing, ON, took the stage armed with nothing but a homemade orchestra of soda cans and corn dogs. His unique performance introduced a new genre of music that left everyone spellbound, proving that innovation knows no bounds.

Briar Nolet, hailing from Oakville, ON, captivated the audience with an emotionally charged dance routine that earned her a standing ovation. Howie Mandel was moved to declare, “That was worthy of a million-dollar season here on Canada’s Got Talent.”

Francois Ouimet of Montreal, QC, stunned the judges by transforming into a human violin, showcasing an unparalleled talent that left the audience in awe.

Former American Idol contestant Rachel Chiu returned to her roots on the Canada’s Got Talent stage in Vancouver, BC. Her jazz performance, featuring vocals, piano, and even a mouth trumpet, earned high praise from Kardi, who exclaimed, “That is something that I personally haven’t seen before, and I thought it was amazing.”

Fifteen-year-old Jade Mathieu, from Longueuil, QC, overcame her initial shyness to deliver a breathtaking performance. Her singing talent was so impressive that Howie Mandel hit the golden buzzer, propelling her directly into the next round.

Maggie the Goalie, a canine sensation from Tracadie, NB, showcased her incredible goaltending skills, proving that talent comes in all shapes and sizes.

Harold Butler, a taxi driver-turned-musician from St. Johns, NF, wowed the judges with his unconventional performance using spoons to techno music, leaving them craving for more.

Professional chef Wallace Wong from Mississauga, ON, made history by setting a new Guinness World Record. Blindfolded, he skillfully cut as many carrots as he could in 30 seconds, showcasing precision and talent beyond measure.

Dance duo Marie-Josee and Jason, representing Montreal, QC, told a poignant story through their captivating routine, leaving judge Trish in tears. She described it as “absolutely breathtaking, spectacular, incredible performance.”

With the stakes higher than ever, contestants are vying for the life-changing prize of $1 million, the largest cash prize in Canadian television history, thanks to Rogers. In addition, CIBC is offering financial advice to the winner. And that’s not all—every Golden Buzzer recipient will receive $25,000, totalling $150,000, courtesy of CIBC, to help them realize their dreams and ambitions.

As Canada’s Got Talent continues to unfold, audiences can expect even more extraordinary performances and heartwarming stories, proving that talent truly knows no boundaries.

Stay tuned for the next episode to witness the next wave of Canada’s brightest stars shine on stage.