Ocean 98.5 Fun Finder


Look for the OCEAN 98.5 Fun Finder brought to you by Westshore Town Centre at local community events. The Fun Finder is stocked with OCEAN 98.5 goodies and chances for you to win great prizes from Peninsula Co-op, Beacon Hill Children’s Farm and Barb’s Fish & Chips!

The Ocean 98.5 Fun Finder is powered by Campus Nissan.

Keep a look out for us at different weekend events all summer long! And, listen weekly for the Ocean 98.5 Speed Trap and your chance to qualify to win our Fun Finder – the beautiful 2018 Nissan Rogue!

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Fill out the form below if you would like the Ocean 98.5 Fun Finder to come to your event! Only those who are contacted will have the Fun Finder at their event.




Hey-o! Finding fun is definitely a little easier when 2019 decides to start us off with the nicest January of all time, ever. The weather has been so unbelievably beautiful that I think spring came early, which means real January is lurking out there, watching, waiting for us to lower our guard before it SLAPS us with […]


Ahhh, early January. The most magical time of the year. With all the holiday hubbub firmly in the past, we’re free to focus on all the Jan-tastic events that 2019 has to offer us! Events like…Uh…. the sun came out today!  There’s a total lunar eclipse on the 21st! And my mom’s birthday is next […]

Cakepops at Cupcakes at Uptown

Hey! Welcome back! I feel like January gets a bad rap, y’know? And I know a thing or two about bad rap. Let’s hope the Fun Finder Christmas album NEVER sees shelves, for that exact reason. January is actually one of my favourite months- and not just because my continued employment is dependent upon maintaining […]

Legislature seems a little sweeter than usual...

Welcome back! It’s that time of year again. Regretfully, I must return to my home planet to recharge for the Yuletide season. It’s actually possible to overload a Fun Finder with too much Christmas spirit and cheer, in which case we tend to spontaneously combust in a cloud of fire and happiness. It’s actually very […]

Not Pictured: Me falling on my face literal seconds later

Fun Finder Corey reporting in after a weekend full of festive frolicking and fantastic fun! It’s been a busy holiday season here at the Ocean; the reindeer need feeding, the presents need wrapping and the boss hasn’t gotten out of bed since this time last year. Er, wait, sorry- I’m thinking of my temp job […]

Hey! Happy pre-Holidays! Things are getting preeeetty festive here at Ocean studios. The Christmas spirit builds up all year until November 30th, when it all explodes out of us like the Santa’s belt after too many cookies. To say this weekend was eventful would be an understatement. The stockings are stocked, the  presents have been […]

You saw mommy doing WHAT? TO WHO? WHERE?

Hey! Hope you’re having a fun-filled Friday! I know, I’m early! I just thought I’d pop by a little early to let you all know about the 37th Annual Island Farm’s Santa’s Light Parade! If you’re looking for fun in downtown Victoria tomorrow, this is it. This is the main course, the big shebang, the […]

There's one off the ol' bucket list

Hey! It’s here! Whether you’re an excitable elf or a salty Scrooge, Christmas time is in the air and I couldn’t be more excited! Lights are going up, gifts are being wrapped, and stockings are being placed by the chimney with care. Visions of sugar plums might have gone the way of…well, sugar plums, but […]


Hey, We had a beautiful weekend on Vancouver Island, one that I am supremely grateful for. It’s easy to feel entitled to amazing weather and gorgeous weekends, and honestly? You probably do deserve it. That doesn’t change the fact that every cozy autumn afternoon, every stroll through red-and-yellow leaves, and every quiet moment with your […]

This picture is gonna smell awful in 2 weeks

What’s the difference between 32 Kit Kats, 19 Crunchie bars, 41 Oh Henry’s and enough Rockets to take me to the moon? Nothing after I’m done rainbow-vomiting them all up on November 1st! Welcome to another weekly Fun Finder Blog, this week with special guest- CANDY-INDUCED NAUSEA!! Can we get a round of applause? No? […]