Ocean 98.5 Fun Finder


Look for the OCEAN 98.5 Fun Finder brought to you by Westshore Town Centre at local community events. The Fun Finder is stocked with OCEAN 98.5 goodies and chances for you to win great prizes from Peninsula Co-op, Beacon Hill Children’s Farm and Barb’s Fish & Chips!

The Ocean 98.5 Fun Finder is powered by Campus Nissan.

Keep a look out for us at different weekend events all summer long! And, listen weekly for the Ocean 98.5 Speed Trap and your chance to qualify to win our Fun Finder – the beautiful 2018 Nissan Rogue!

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Fill out the form below if you would like the Ocean 98.5 Fun Finder to come to your event! Only those who are contacted will have the Fun Finder at their event.





Hello again! Did you know biweekly can actually mean every two weeks OR twice a week? I didn’t. But have no fear, the Fun Finder weekly blog is back- and after only 2 weeks! (I swear, I know how to count. I just run out of fingers after 10…). Hopefully you caught my team-up with […]

An apple a day!

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, so I wanted to do something special for you! I thought I’d share this traditional Fun Finder family poem we recite this time of year!   T’was the Night before School T’was the night before school, and all through Greater Vic, Someone’s bringing presents, and it sure […]

I think I remember this scene from Predator

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More boat than dragon, but still, I approve.

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Very pretty-ful.

What’s wet, wild and has an appreciation for the classics? If you answered either Fun Finder Corey or Victoria’s 29th Annual Symphony Splash, you are absolutely correct! (Although some of you really need to do some introspection about that answer).   There were a lot of amazing Victoria venues hosting awesome events all weekend; Dancing […]

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The Outdoor Movie Screen!

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Findin' Fun at Skampede!

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The Ocean Family getting LOUD and PROUD at Victoria's Pride Parade 2018

Welcome back, Ocean Listeners! With so many fantastic fun findin’ events to attend, last week was filled to the brim like a reusable Ocean 98.5 tote bag filled with Jello pudding to the brim. Other examples might have worked there, but MAN  can these bags hold a lot of pudding. It was amazing meeting so […]

Howdy-doodle, hosers! Welcome to a red, white and rainbow coloured edition of fun finding adventures! This long weekend was stuffed to the brim with all the Canada Day and Pride Week celebrations. My arms are so sunburned that I look like a Canadian Flag when I take off my shirt, but that absolutely won’t stop […]